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9 Accommodations
9.1 Student Accommodation

IHM – Srinagar provides accommodation for students in either the gentlemen’s or the ladies hostel. Students shall be allotted a double room in the hostel. The charges for the room and the surcharge will be notified from time to time.
On their first arrival in the 1st session, students will be allowed to choose a room partner for double occupancy rooms. Normally a room partner can be changed within the first 5 days with the permission of the warden. But it can also be done subsequently on satisfaction of the warden. On occupation of a room, all students will be asked to sign on an inventory list for the room, an undertaking to keep the room and the items in it in good condition and to pay the requisite charges for any damage. For a double occupancy room, the charges will be equally apportioned between the two students if individual responsibility cannot be fixed. Students will be given charge of the inventory items as per the list and they will be required to hand them over. Rooms will have locks, which will also be there on the cupboard and the table drawer. All the keys must be returned at the time of handing over or the cost of the locks will be charged to the student. A student must leave the hostel within 48 hours of the close of the academic session unless the stay is extended with permission and in case of rustication / dismissal / suspension etc within 12 hrs.
9.2 Cleaning and Tidiness of Hostel Rooms
The hostel room has to be cleaned properly once a week and bed linen must be cleaned twice a week or as required. As part of the housekeeping training, students will be required to clean their rooms in all respects. All corridors and common areas in the hostels as also in the academic block will be cleaned by the Institute housekeeping staff.
9.3 Waste and Rubbish
All waste and rubbish must be placed in bags, which when ful,l are to be tied and deposited in the containers in the designated places. Under no circumstances should waste and rubbish be placed in the corridors. Students are asked not to throw anything out of the windows or to store anything on the outside window ledge.
9.5 Storage of Luggage
Students may bring their personal belongings in suitcases and bags. These will have to be emptied except a small bag and all the personal items will be kept in the cupboards and bed drawers. Students will be required to take away all their personal belongings and suitcases at the end of each session or in case of rustication etc.
9.6 Bed Linen
The Institute will not provide bed linen. Students may bring their own bed linen, pillows, towels and toiletries. All clothes and other items of the students should be marked with black indelible ink with name and room number. This will be compulsory and no item can be kept in the room without such marking. This will assist in minimizing misplacements and disputes.
9.7Electrical Gadgets
No TV or electrical gadgets are allowed in the hostel rooms except a laptop, music system and a heater in the winter months.
9.8 Breakage
Students are welcome to bring mugs, flask, water gadgets etc. of their choice.
Lighting of candles (except when the lights go off) or sticks of incense is a fire hazard and is strictly forbidden.
9.9 Conduct in Hostels
Students will have to be inside the campus before 2000hrs (8Pm) and in their rooms before 10.00 P.M. every night Sunday to Friday nights. No TV viewing or games will be allowed in the common areas after this time. Students may have a night out on Saturday. However, this will still be with permission of the hostel warden. Permission to go out during the weeknights including Sunday night will be given only in exceptional circumstances under the discretion of the Principal/Warden.
Students should avoid making loud noises, through talking or music etc. so that other students are not disturbed. Students will have to abide to any request by a fellow student or staff member on account of excessive noise. Students should ensure that noise in the accommodation buildings and on the Institute campus in general is kept to a minimum at all times, and particularly between 10.00 P.M. and 07.00 A.M. Students coming back after 10.00 P.M. (When on ODC) are asked to do so quietly.

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