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7. Sports & Entertainment
A TV and a DVD player is provided in dining room for viewing. However, the wardens will regulate the timings of viewing.
The Sports Coordinator will manage the sports center inside the Institute campus. The Institute will arrange to have basic sports facilities including:
  • Basket ball court
  • Volley ball and throw ball court
  • Indoor games including table tennis, carom board, chess and board games.
Institute will not arrange for sports consumables like shuttle corks, table tennis balls, etc. for student’s use. Students are encouraged to take part in these activities bring their own consumables. Students will have to adhere to the norms for shoes, clothes, timings, cleaning etc. as prescribed by the person in charge in consultation with hostel warden.
8. Student Files
The Institute maintains a file for all the students, containing the student’s records, copies of communication between the Institute and the student, record of disciplinary action, transcripts of academic evaluation, and other documents the institute deems relevant to keep in the file. The file is confidential. Access to the file is as per the norms given below:
8.1 Access by a student
Students have the right to view information in their individual student file. A student who wishes to examine his/ her student file must submit a request in writing to the Principal. A written response will be made within five working days following receipt of the written request. An institute staff member will be present when the student examines his/her file. The student may request one photocopy of each document contained in his/here file on payment of Rs. 50/- per page.
However, all documents related to the admission of the student including the evaluation of the entrance test, the interview evaluation form and other related documents may not be shown to the student.
The institute has the right to send all information about the student, his/her conduct, any action taken against him, his academic information, etc to his /her parents.
A student has the right to challenge any information in his/her file, which he/she feels is incorrect. Requests for correction should be submitted in writing to the Principal. The Administration shall respond to this request within a reasonable period of time (normally within five working days).
The institute may not keep evaluation materials on file for more than 1 year after the student has left the institute.
8.2 Access by Institute Staff
Only those institute staff member who need to access a student’s records for the purpose of performing their legitimate duties as determined in their job description will have access to the relevant portions of the student’s file.
8.3 Access by third parties
Access to a student’s file shall be granted to those parties, which the institute deems important for the welfare of the student, or in the interest of the institute or under legal obligations. Exceptions may occur when the student provide written permission to grant the access.

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