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6. Disciplinary Action
Violations of good conduct and ethical behavior in the Institute have been divided in 3 parts, depending on seriousness of the offence. Punishments for them will also be on a graded scale starting from severe in case of major offences and light for minor offences.
6.1 Major Offences
The Major offences in student's conduct are:
• Ragging of junior students.
• Consumption of alcohol /drugs.
• Criminal assault on any other person inside or outside the Institute, which is serious enough to warrant a police report (whether lodged or not).
• Molestation of another person (student, staff or any other person)
• Attempt to molest or sexual harassment in the form of indecent remarks,
• indecently attempting to touch a student or person of the same or opposite sex.
• Attempts either individually or in a group to bully someone.
• Going out of the campus without permission or returning from leave / night out later than the prescribed time, for unduly long periods.
• Smoking as it is prohibited for students inside the entire campus.
• Misuse of Institute email network by sending junk mail, offensive, harassing or illegal communications to other students, faculty or outsiders.
• Cheating or plagiarism in the presentations, evaluation tests and examinations.
• Causing serious injuries to another person in a deliberate manner.
Any of the above or other which the Institute may notify as a major offence may lead to immediate suspension. Parents/guardians will be notified with a request to come to the Institute. An inquiry will be conducted on the incident and the punishment may include rustication/ dismissal of the student if found guilty.

6.2 Minor offences

  • Ringing of cell phone during class hours, in the academic block and other areas where it is prohibited.
  • Using gadgets in the hostels, which are not permitted?
  • Making loud and disturbing noises by voice or instruments, particularly in the hostel, or not stopping when requested to do so outside the campus staying rooms.
  • Theft or serious damage to property of another student or person of the institute. This will include electronic password, information in the network which is confidential for someone else or the institute etc.
  • Not reporting to duty or activity which has been assigned to the student.
  • Using abusive language unbecoming of a person in the institute.
  • Shouting at / or blatant disobeying of instructions of faculty and other authorities in the institute.
  • Causing minor injuries to another person in a deliberate manner.
  • Going out of campus without permission or not returning back within prescribed time, for violations of small time periods.
  • Coming out in attire or appearance which is in violation of rules and applied to the students.
  • Disobeying any rules or code of conduct as prescribed in this handbook.
  • Any other misconduct or wrongful act unbecoming of a student of the institute of hospitality management.

Punishment to minor offences will be warnings, suspension etc. leading to more severe punishment and fines on repeated offences. If a student repeatedly involving himself/ herself in minor offence and not improving than without warning principal may impose punishment of major offence.

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