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1.6 Library

Library is the greatest treasure for the students’ fraternity. You all are expected to follow rule and regulations of library for convenience of your colleagues.

  1. You are required to maintain decorum and absolute silence at all times in the library.
  2. All students will be issued Library Cards against which books will be issued.
  3. Any tampering, markings, scribbling, tearing of pages amount to misconduct and will attract disciplinary action as deemed fit.
  4. Books issued should be returned within the stipulated period for which they are issued.
  5. Students will be required to pay fine as applicable per day after the expiry of the date of return of books.
  6. If there are any queries or requisitions, students shall contact the Library in-charge.
  7. No eatables and mobile phones are allowed inside the library.

1.7 Computer Lab
Knowledge of computers is a must in today’s environment. Keeping in mind the students interest, the Institute has a computer lab with Internet access.

  1. You will be required to use the computer lab for completion of assigned projects and other assignments.
  2. Silence shall be maintained at all times in the computer lab.
  3. If there is any query, contact lab in-charge or the concerned faculty members in the lab class.
  4. No eatables and mobile phones shall be allowed inside the computer lab.
  5. Students shall be given Login Id to access data and Internet.
  6. Playing games, viewing obscene sites, chatting etc. will lead to expulsion from the computer lab and call for strict disciplinary action.
1.8 Identity Card
An identity card will be issued to all students at the time of joining. This card will be valid for the entire duration of the course. You must be in possession of this identity card at all times while you are in the premises of the campus. The I-card must be produced to the guard at the time of entering campus and demanded at other times, failing which it will attract disciplinary action. Loss of I-card should be immediately brought to the notice of the student coordinator. A duplicate I-card will be issued upon the payment of Rs. 100/- (One hundred only).

1.9 Notices and Information
Notice boards for general information about recreational activities, shows and sporting events will be provided for students in the academic building. Students should immediately inform the IHM- Srinagar of any change in their address in writing to keep their records updated for better communication with guardians.
All information related to vacations, time table, examination schedule, attendance percentage and examination performance etc on our website. For any other information parents may contact student coordinator during Institute working hours on working days between 9.30 to 5pm.