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Admission Process & Students Guidelines - Grooming and Hygiene
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1.4 Grooming and Hygiene
1.4.1 Hair

Clean, neatly – appropriate styled hair
Short and well – combed
Sides not covering the ears
No long sideburns
Non-oily appearance
Use of hair gels not permitted
Use of hair color, bleached hair not permitted
Sikh students should take proper care of their hair beard and wear a turban at all times.

Clean, neatly – styled hair
Short hair must be styled away from the face and kept off the shoulders
Long hair should be tied in a bun, pony tail or plait
Pins, ribbons and hair bands used to keep the hair in place must be conservative and black in color
Non-oily appearance, use of hair color, bleached hair not permitted.
1.4.2 Nails
All students should have neatly – trimmed nails ladies using nail polish must maintain it properly, it should not be chipped or unclean.
1.4.3 Accessories Don’ts
Expensive and showy watches
Piercing of the earlobes
Visible tattoo marks
Use of rings
Wearing chains and bracelets
Carrying and usage of mobile phone in the campus
Expensive and showy watches
Flashy Earring and nose pins
Visible tattoo marks
Use of Henna not permitted
Too much use of jewelry & strong perfumes
Carrying and usage of mobile phone in the campus
1.5 Personal Hygiene
The nature of work involved requires a lot of physical activity. Thus, it is essential that all the students should take extra care of their health and hygiene. Personal hygiene is essential part of personality and personal appearance.
Take a bath at least once a day.
It is advisable to bath twice a day during summer months.
Use a mild deodorant to prevent body odour.
Do not use dirty undergarments and socks to prevent yourself from any kind of skin disease.
Male students should shave everyday for clean appearance.
No goatees of French beards shall be permitted.
Sikh students should maintain to cover their beard with a net.
Take proper prevention of bad breath.

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