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Admission Process & Students Guidelines - Theory Classes & Formal Occasion
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Theory Classes & Formal Occasion

General Institute Uniform:

v          Sky Blue Shirt (Light)

v          Grey Suit (Dark)

v          Grey Suit (Dark)

v          Black Socks.

v          Oxford Black Shoes.

v          Institute Tie.

F & B Service Practical.

v          White Shirt.

v          Black Pants.

v          Apron (Black Striped Red).

v          Napkins (White) 2 Nos.

v          Waiters Cloth (White0 2 Nos.

v          Dusters. 2 Nos.

v          Cravat

Food Production Practical.

v          White Chef Coat.

v          Black Pants.

v          White Full Apron.

v          Neckerchief Black and White Check.

v          Dusters 2 Nos.

Front Office.

v          Dark Grey Suit

v          Sky Blue Shirt (Light).

v          Institute Tie.

House Keeping.

v          Chinese Collar white coat.

v          White half apron.

v          Dark Grey Pants.

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