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10. Facilities and Services
10.1 Use of and Respect for Facilities- General
The institute lobby is used as a reception area and should be kept clear of any personal belongings (briefcases, laptops computers, etc.). This is required for both decorum and security reasons.
Lost and Found property must be handed in immediately to the Housekeeping incharge or the hostel wardens (if they are found in the hostel)
Students must take care of all furniture and equipments made available to them. In case of any damage, all repairs will be charged to the responsible students.
Poor upkeep of hostels, damaged furniture, graffiti on the walls etc is the common phenomena in the hostels of many institutions. This shows poor conduct and character on the part of the student community. As IHM Sgr. lays a lot of emphasis on the building of character, personality and responsible civic conduct, we will be very strict on this aspect of the student’s behavior.
All areas and rooms should be used for the purposes for which they are meant. It is prohibited to carry food, including bottles of water to the classrooms, library and computer room.
11. Security/ Accidents
Evacuation plans in case of fire and action plans in case of emergency, accident or illness have been drawn up.
In case of an accident or an illness, students are required to contact the hostel warden immediately and if he/she is not available, then anyone in the management. There will be fire safety and life saving training and drills for all students and staff. In case of serious emergency, they can also contact the principal directly and use his /her home/mobile telephone number. For the reason of security, accident, illness, urgent communication from home, all students must give their mobile number to the administration in the basic fact sheet submitted by them upon joining and any changes must be reported promptly. Such mobile numbers including those of parents of students must be kept by the warden /principal in their personal custody (and not just in the office files).
12. Food
Students are entitled to have all four meals (breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner) on Saturday, Sunday and on holidays during the academic term in the mess. During weekdays breakfast and dinner will be provided in hostel mess. Morning tea, lunch and evening tea will be provided to all students (including hostellers) in the Institute. There are no charges for the same. Timings for the meal will be notified and must be adhered to.
13. Family Members and Visitors
The institute encourages parents and family members to visit the Institute. However, they will be requested to adhere to certain timings to meet the students to avoid interference with the academic schedule. Parents and family members are welcome to eat in the mess on fixed charges. However, prior information for this may be given to the mess manager, as far as possible. Parents and family members can visit the students in the hostel also but entry in the room will only be with the permission from the warden and on his/her absence from the principal.
14. Laundry
Institute makes arrangements for the student’s uniforms as well as personal laundry. Students may give their cloths for laundry and dry cleaning to the institute laundry and charges will be prescribed for it. Students will have to use their own detergents if they want to wash themselves. Students can give their cloths for ironing to the institute laundry. Small pieces of clothing may be hand washed in the bathrooms and be hanged in their own room. Students are forbidden from hanging clothes on the window ledges or in common areas.
15. Medical Assistance
Institute makes arrangements for minor ailments like cold, headaches, etc. For any major treatment parents will be informed to do needful.
Institute may alter or change above guidelines as per the need of hour, which will be binding on all the students.
16. Refund of Hostel Fees
Hostel fee is non-refundable after occupation of the hostel except caution money.

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