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Admission Process & Students Guidelines
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We have the pleasure in introducing IHM- Srinagar, a professional and excellent academic center established by Government of India, Ministry of Tourism in the year 1983 with a vision to promote hospitality education, development of human resources and training to under privilege for social welfare and rural development of J&K State in particular.
1. Academics
1.1 You are expected to:-
Strictly comply with the NCHMCT & IHM- Srinagar’s rules and regulations, including the standards that apply to the course of study / programme.
Conduct yourself in a professional and respectable manner in your transactions with your family, other staff members and fellow students.
Respect and preserve the environment and resources of IHM- Srinagar.
Accept responsibility for your learning by adhering to deadlines for submission of projects and assignments and by participating in individual and group activities in class and other academic activities as well.
This, guide attempts to answer all questions that you may have, about the functioning of the IHM- Srinagar and its objectives.
Each one of you must adhere to the guidelines at all times failing which you are liable for disciplinary action as deem fit.
The rules and regulations as mentioned in this handbook are utmost necessary for the development of skills and a healthy professional attitude as required by the hospitality & tourism industry. You are expected to keep this handbook with you during the tenure of the course.
1.2 Attendance & Punctuality
It is compulsory for you to attend all lectures and practical classes. As per the norms, you have to have 100% attendance in individual subjects, both practical and theory.
Shortage of attendance may disqualify you from appearing in the end-term examinations. However, relaxation of 15% may be granted to deserving student as per rule, In case of medical leave, It will only be considered if a fitness certificate is provided by competent authority under the rules. Total 85% attendance is mandatory in individual subjects (Theory and practical separately).

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